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Have A Determined Heart To Reach Your Vision

A wise man once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” Knowing this to be true, today is the day to take that first step. If you already have taken that step then congratulations on your exciting journey ahead! How many times have you wondered if you are taking the […]

You Be The One To Fill Those Needs!

You Be The One To Fill Those Needs! By Brian Hazelgren Most of the books you read on the subject of finding a small business will tell you that the best place to start is with matching your skills and experiences to some business that requires those skills. For example, if you love to cook, […]


Vision My vision is to develop economic leaders throughout the country, and strengthen the business community. When it comes to “advantages” in life we usually think of strength, knowledge, capital, tools, technology, people, and military prowess. Although we can’t personally deliver an advantage of military prowess in our training and coaching systems, we do deliver […]

30 Traits of Leadership

30 Traits of Leadership   1. Leaders Lead by Example without “Managing” Others 2. Leaders Don’t Have to Tell their Followers to Follow Them 3. Leaders Hold Others Accountable, and Want to Be Held Accountable 4. Leaders are Capable of Providing Clarity So There is No Confusion 5. Leaders Have the Courage to Take The […]

Increase Your Chances of Success

It’s estimated that in the United States, only about 30 percent of all startups are still in business after five years. In some states, the number is only about 10 percent. These are startling numbers; and, yet, they are somewhat understandable. Most small business owners are too busy to plan for the future, or at […]

Pro’s and Con’s of Owning a Business

Owning a small business is not just another job. It’s a totally different lifestyle. You have to ask yourself whether you’re ready for a complete commitment to the success of your business. Just as importantly, if you are in a relationship, you should ask your partner whether he or she is completely committed to supporting […]

Things About You

In one of my books, Tactical Entrepreneur, I introduced a self assessment called Things About Me. The primary purpose of this worksheet is to take a quick inventory of what makes you, you. How you think about certain things, and what your own personal strengths and weaknesses are. http://www.brianhazelgren.com/tactical_entrepreneur.html When you take a few minutes […]

Effective Leaders

Effective leaders must seek and provide clarity in order to have a vision to follow. We buy into a leaders vision if it has been well thought out and articulated. Providing clarity should be a responsibility of leaders, rather than a convenient way to achieve a goal. Communicating a clear message takes dialog; sharing of ideas; push, […]

Entrepreneurs Needed

Owning a business, or “entrepreneurship”, is all about having the freedom of doing things your way, but that is only possible as you take calculated risks in working toward an obtainable goal. I want to teach you not only how to start a small business, but how to learn from others who have already made […]

Stay Focused #6

How many times have you felt like you can predict what will happen in a certain situation if the current path is followed? Have you ever felt like you were in the zone, and nothing could stop you from achieving success? In my book Everlasting Wisdom, I asked the question: “Have you ever seen the […]