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The Great Rewards of Staying Focused

The Great Rewards of Staying Focused – by Brian Hazelgren

Leveraging Your Centers of Influence

What a Center of Influence Can Do For You Setting out to build an IT consulting enterprise, I realized fairly quickly that his target market, Information Technology (IT) Managers in major corporations, wanted to deal with name brand companies. They felt comfortable buying products and services from well-established, well-known companies for one primary reason: if they make a […]

Strategic Planning – Part 5

What do I Need to Know Before I Start the Planning Process?  The following addresses the concerns of the pre-planning stage. This stage is divided into four phases, each addressing different issues and questions. They are: To plan or not to plan Pre-requisites for planning Level of planning Involving an External Consultant Once the decision […]

Everlasting Wisdom Principle #3 – Form Stratetic Alliances

In order for you to succeed in business, you will need to form strategic alliances with other people, and other companies. Strategic alliances can also increase cooperation and eliminate competition. If an enterprise cannot trade products and services, they fail. Forming strategic alliances to move the cause of “good” forward is a lot more productive, […]