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You Be The One To Fill Those Needs!

You Be The One To Fill Those Needs! By Brian Hazelgren Most of the books you read on the subject of finding a small business will tell you that the best place to start is with matching your skills and experiences to some business that requires those skills. For example, if you love to cook, […]

Stop The Insanity!

Stop the Insanity! Brian Hazelgren Today we live in a world where everything seems insanely busy, and we are maxed out. We get maxed out because we allow ourselves to get distracted and we lose focus on what matters most. Does this sound familiar… Maxed out on your time… Maxed out of patience… Maxed out […]

Carving Out a Successful Niche

Carving Out a Successful Niche – Part 1 By Brian Hazelgren Do you know precisely who your customers are? You may know many of them by name, but do you really know what type of people or businesses they are? For example, if you sell to consumers, do you have demographic information (i.e., what are […]