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You Be The One To Fill Those Needs!

You Be The One To Fill Those Needs! By Brian Hazelgren Most of the books you read on the subject of finding a small business will tell you that the best place to start is with matching your skills and experiences to some business that requires those skills. For example, if you love to cook, […]

Failing To Try Is The Greatest Failure…

Failing to try is the greatest failure anyone can experience. Brian Hazelgren

Training Our Veterans to be Entrepreneurs

Training our Veterans to be Entrepreneurs
by Brian Hazelgren

Ridiculous Salaries For Athletes, Or Creating Jobs? I’m Weighing In!

I think I have had enough of how far we are willing go to keep up this stupid game of professional athletes and agents trying to outdo the salaries of others. Somebody has to say it, and call out the ridiculousness of professional sports contracts. This past week we have seen Major League Baseball contracts […]

Entrepreneurship Training is Different Than Business Training

Entrepreneurship Training is Different Than Business Training Youth entrepreneurship education has been largely ignored by our high schools, and most of our colleges are just starting to figure out that this is an ever-widening chasm in this area of education that needs to be addressed. Few schools across the country embrace this economic driver, and […]

Seek Prosperity and Expect to Win!

Everything we could possibly wish for has been placed within our reach. I believe that it was intended by our Creator, that everyone who wants to live an abundant life can do so if he or she chooses. I do not believe for a minute that our Creator expects us to be scrawny, uneducated, undernourished, […]

Training Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship Training needs to be founded on five core strengths. First, students learn should from instructors who have experience and a little wisdom from the cuts and bruises they have received along the way. These can’t just be Instructors who are just teaching from a textbook. Oh no, that won’t do in today’s market. The […]