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New Day – New Hope

New Day – New Hope
by Brian Hazelgren


Vision My vision is to develop economic leaders throughout the country, and strengthen the business community. When it comes to “advantages” in life we usually think of strength, knowledge, capital, tools, technology, people, and military prowess. Although we can’t personally deliver an advantage of military prowess in our training and coaching systems, we do deliver […]

Things About You

In one of my books, Tactical Entrepreneur, I introduced a self assessment called Things About Me. The primary purpose of this worksheet is to take a quick inventory of what makes you, you. How you think about certain things, and what your own personal strengths and weaknesses are. When you take a few minutes […]

Everlasting Wisdom Principle #11 Effective Communication

A leader has to communicate to his/her team in a professional, confident and diplomatic manner on a continuous stream. Even during difficult times we have to face reality by being candid and telling it like it is. It seems like far too many leaders today don’t know how to talk straight anymore. Instead, they spend […]