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Choose Wisely

Choose Wisely
by Brian Hazelgren

New Day – New Hope

New Day – New Hope
by Brian Hazelgren

Entrepreneurship Training is Different Than Business Training

Entrepreneurship Training is Different Than Business Training Youth entrepreneurship education has been largely ignored by our high schools, and most of our colleges are just starting to figure out that this is an ever-widening chasm in this area of education that needs to be addressed. Few schools across the country embrace this economic driver, and […]

Developing Strong Business Leaders

I strongly believe that we need to develop economic leaders throughout the country, and strengthen the business community. When it comes to “advantages” in life we usually think of strength, knowledge, capital, tools, technology, people, and military prowess. Although we can’t personally deliver an advantage of military prowess in our training and coaching systems for […]

Puzzled Over Taxes – Funny But Sobering

I read a funny, but sobering comment this morning about being confused over listing the right number of dependents we need to claim on our taxes. Funny in the sense that someone challenged the IRS in a sarcastic way…sobering from the aspect of reality. The American people are over-burdened by the amount of taxes we […]

30 Traits of Leaders

I posted this a while ago, but several people have asked to view it again. We need Leaders who will stand up and take responsibility to make an impact, and make a difference. These 30 Traits of Leadership are good to review, and in the end, the implementation of these traits will be the key… […]

Making Choices

When I was growing up my Dad used to tell me to be wise in my choices of friends, choosing my career, and how I speak to others. He would remind me that there are people who would only look out for themselves and to always make sure that I could count on my friends […]