What We Focus On

What We Focus On 

Sometimes in life we have setbacks. Other times are filled with joy and contentment. We often ride the roller coaster of happiness and stress, and sometimes need to just take a break. I get that. Today’s post is not about taking a break. Although I hear you loud and clear with that old familiar acclaim: “Can I just get a break? Can I just rest from my labors for a while?” But if that is what we focus on, then maybe we need a jolt to liven us up and get us back on course! 

You’ve heard me talk about having balance in our lives, and my last book Healthy Habits of Highly Productive Employees has one of its pillars built around “Balance.” The tagline of the book is: Thriving in Health, Wealth, and Self (Balance). 

We all have days when we don’t feel very enthusiastic. We all get overwhelmed at times and too many darts are being fired upon us. Sometimes we need an extra hand, a calm voice of reason to remind us to have faith…keep moving forward…and remind us to take action. So, if you don’t feel like you have any reason to be excited about your future, well, then today is the day to change your focus! It’s time to set your mind on things that will bring you happiness. It’s time to change your focus.

Too often, we settle for mediocrity. I am someone who strongly believes in the notion that  Whatever we choose to focus on is what we will see manifested in our lives. We need to set our focus daily – (sometimes hourly on those “special days” of difficulty) on the good things of life and keep hope alive. I also believe there are forces working against us to accomplish something good. Maybe that is why we sometimes have to venture out on the “road less traveled” and remember what we focus on is what we will achieve.

When we focus on how life is unfair, and not do something about it, then it will remain unfair. When we focus on not having prosperity in our lives, then that is what we continue with. When we focus on how our dreams never come true, then they probably won’t. When we focus on how everything always goes wrong in our life, then Murphy’s Law will kick in. STOP focusing on the negative things in your life, and the dreams that have not come true!

Today is not the day to give up on your dreams; it’s the day to feed your dreams. That means instead of dragging around and finding every reason you can to be unhappy, change your attitude. I recently heard a touching story about a remarkable, average everyday Joe who had experienced some really bad luck in a very short period of time. His name isn’t Joe however, his name is Ted: “I am not going to live my life defeated and depressed. I may have some obstacles in my path, but I know I have victory in my future. I know there are great things in store for me, so I’m going to get up each day anticipating the good things that life has to offer!”

This statement came from Ted, who lost everything in the recent fires in California. He lost his home of 50 years. He lost all of his vehicles. He lost some of his horses. He lost his supplies for his business. He virtually lost his income, overnight. “That was yesterday. I have today, and I will focus on making today great, and tomorrow even better!” Thank you Ted for your grand example!

If we are not improving we are not progressing, and if we are not progressing we are not building a better us/you/me. And, if we are not building a better us, then who else might also not benefit from your good life and your positive attitude? Who else might not get the incredible benefit of knowing you and how you can bless their life?

Focus on the good things of life. Take a few critical moments out of your day and think of what you want to accomplish. See it in your mind. Start crafting the plan to get you to that point of incredible success.

Think of the lives you will positively impact, and the difference you will make. It may only be in one person’s life, or you might be the means of making an impact on hundreds, thousands, even millions of people. Whatever the number, one is enough – even if that one is you, that you make a difference for today.

If you focus on the many fortunate things you have going on in your life, and the many blessings that are part of your every day makeup, you will be ahead of about six and a half billion people on mother earth. Focus on the positive things going on in your life. Focus on the people that have influenced you at some point in your life. What did they offer you? Was it their words…their actions…or how they made you feel? If they made you feel good, then focus on that and see how you can make someone else feel good today.

I’m big on creating a plan, executing on the plan, and making adjustments along the way. Every championship team has a game plan, and they follow it to exactness. They make adjustments when needed, and they take action. They don’t sit and wait for things to happen to them, and then react. They make things happen and watch everything else, everyone else, fall into line. Be a person of action. Focus on the action that you create and the wake that is caught up behind you, and watch others follow.

Focus on improving yourself every day. Focus on being a leader that others want to follow. Focus on how your actions will be a force of good for others and for yourself. Focus on staying the course and not giving up. Many people in your life chose not to give up, and they followed their plan, made adjustments, and helped to create a life for you. Focus on the blessings of family, friends, colleagues, who are counting on you to make a difference. Focus on the knowledge that you have acquired over the years, and how wisdom will guide your actions.

Focus on that one thing you can do today to make a difference in at least one persons life…even if it’s your own! Make a call. Have a conversation. Send a positive text. Send an email, or create a positive post that will make someone’s day a little brighter. Take action, and focus on making a positive difference!

Brian Hazelgren is the CEO of #RX2Live the fastest growing medical and well-being franchise in the US! You can reach Brian at bhazelgren@rx2live.com.


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