Healthy Habits of Highly Productive Employees

I just released my latest book Healthy Habits of Highly Productive Employees – Thriving in Health, Wealth, and Self. I know it’s a long title, but I wanted the title to tell a story all by itself. I wrote the book because I wanted to share a few best practices of how people are finding their own personal Optimal Health. That is the first section. 

Since Wealth (or Finances) affects our lives in so many ways – both good and bad, I included a discussion about how finances can they be a huge anchor weighing us down if finances are out of control. That is section Two.

And, with Self, I wanted to go deeper into the topic of finding proper balance in our lives – because when we are out of balance with our physical and/or behavioral health, it too will affect us, and those around us, in a negative fashion. The book does point out the challenges that we as a society are faced with when our health becomes negatively affected, BUT there are positive solutions right at your disposal – you just need to know where to find them, and I have provided those positive solutions in the book. Here is a quick excerpt from the book…I hope you enjoy it! And, if you wish to purchase a copy, if you like my Facebook page, you will get 50% off as we introduce it to the world…

“My good friend, Dr. Dino Prato has been a passionate supporter of better health and wellness options for two and a half decades. His tireless enthusiasm and direct discussions about healthcare have made an impact on my life. I have listened to his seminars, videos, and webinars for the past eight years, and his message has remained consistent: we have to stand up and fight for a better solution for our bodies and minds. The world will tell you lies about what you should consume, what you should do, and what you should take to find optimal health, just to sell you another product. In many cases, the reality was only about generating a handsome profit, and not for the betterment of the individual. The latest fad for diets will come and go. We are fighting a battle every day to maintain positive health for our bodies and minds, and I want to help you win that fight. This is the section that I refer to in the book as HEALTH.

The financial struggles that most people encounter everyday dumps even more stress onto an open flame of health challenges. Over 95% of people around the world are just getting by day to day, and the constant worry of providing for their families or themselves is causing more chronic illnesses than we are aware of. Financial stress is like having someone’s boot on your face while lying face down in the dirt, with your hands tied behind your back. It’s uncomfortable, controlling, scary, and downright exhausting. Some of the common questions that we silently ask ourselves are “Will I survive this? Can I at least get up off the ground to catch my breath and think through a better solution? Will I ever get these handcuffs off and be free to move around as I want to!” Financial stress can have major effects on your health. Stress, in general, can cause heart attacks, strokes, and many other serious health issues regardless of the source. We will take a dive into the effects of financial stress on your health and what you can do to prevent or reduce it. In the book, we will discuss how WEALTH affects your life, and why it is so important to feel secure in your finances. It’s not about being wealthy with $10 million in your bank account, it’s about taking care of your financial needs and not worrying about where your next dollar is coming from.

Balance in our lives is a goal we all should pursue each and every day. The key is to recognize what a balanced life looks and feels like, and then understand when your life is out of balance. I will say though, that your balance, may not be my balance. Each of us are different, and I enjoy working 12-14 hours a day. I enjoy spending quality time with my family. I like getting up at 5:00 AM and taking my dog for a run. I enjoy working out 5 days a week. I cherish my Sundays and enjoy getting closer to God through worship, study and prayer. Mornings are important to read the scriptures and take time to think about the real things in life that are important. I like to research and write about topics that I’m passionate about. But, that is me, and my balance is not your balance. Sometimes the individual prisons we find ourselves locked in from time to time, can destroy our self-esteem, our confidence, and even our day to day balance. Just like the example I gave at the opening of the book, being in sync like the instruments of a plane are as important as our own personal balance. The drugs we are pumping into our bodies are at a record pace to help us cope with life. And, I know of many people who are out of balance because of those chemicals they chose to bring into their bodies. Stress is a culprit behind six of today’s leading causes of death. But as little as five minutes of mindfulness a day can help calm down stress and improve your overall health. Pick a regular time that works best for you—in the morning or in the evening before bed—and make your stress reduction practice part of your normal routine.

Try a guided audio meditation, evenly paced yoga breathing, slowing down your breathing – taking deep breaths and holding your breath for 10 seconds 5-10 times, stretch out your hamstrings, neck, and back, or even try a few yoga poses. Take a few minutes every morning to set an intention for the day. The key is regular, consistent practice—and it will become easier over time.

So, this book is not about drug abuse or medications that we take, it’s about keeping balance in your own way, and it’s what we will discuss throughout the section called SELF.

The book is about how to create an unstoppable workforce that is healthy, wealthy, and wise – not to mention highly productive. I believe there are two critical questions that we need to answer if we are to be the best leaders that our employees will follow. The first question is: “How do we get our employees to perform at optimum levels most every day?” Then, the follow-on question that deserves some sober thoughts and a solid solution: “How do we help them maintain highly productive lives both in and outside of work?”

As business leaders, we want our employees to be as productive as possible – because when they are, the business is more efficient, more effective, and ultimately more profitable.

So, let’s get started with coming up with some solutions to these challenges that we all face! This book is about pointing out the challenges we encounter in Health, Wealth, and Self – more importantly it’s also about providing solutions. Let’s give it a solid discussion and come up with the best possible solutions!”

Take a look at the book here…

To Your Health!


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