Treat Failure As Success…Let Me Explain

Even though I wrote this blog over 4 years ago, everything still applies. We’ve all failed at something in our lives, but there can be success in failure: don’t give up…keep trying…keep believing…and one day it will all fall into place.

Brian Hazelgren's Blog

Treat Failures Like Success – Part I

As we all know, a lot of new small businesses fail each year. In most of those cases, the small business owners were probably convinced that their idea for a business was a perfect match for their skills, and in many cases, they were wrong. You can learn from their errors and avoid the mistakes they made. You can learn from my errors, and the mistakes that I have made over the past two decades. In fact, there are some common mistakes that many failed small businesses make. I have had to learn from my own experiences on successes as well as failures.

Think about it for a minute…every business has had failures. Even something as simple as changing a color in your logo can be considered a failure…because something else replaced it. Which leads into a brief discussion on the success that…

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