New Day – New Hope

New Day – New Hope

Monday, Nov 7, 2016 was the last day of the old order. On that day, most everyone thought we were in for another four years of the same old, same old, and the polls said Hillary Clinton would win the election. 

Tuesday, late afternoon was very gloomy among the people who wanted a change, but felt their vote may not even matter. Exit polls looked grim for achieving a new change, but then it started happening, something was changing. Five hours later there was a dramatic shift, and the gloom was setting in among Democrats. By midnight, it was over, and it was the biggest political earthquake in most people’s lifetime, perhaps even bigger than the Reagan revolution.

By Wednesday morning, if you had gone to bed early, you woke up stunned with the news that Donald Trump had won the election, and we had a new President-elect. Power in Congress was taken over by the Republicans. The Senate is also now in control of the Republicans. Democrats were shocked and distraught to see the results, and in many cases in utter disbelief. Honestly,  Trump supporters couldn’t quite believe they had pulled it off!

Thursday morning the Trump rally on Wall Street was in full swing. Trump swept into Washington, paid his respects to the sitting President, and quickly began to organize the revolution. Riots were in full swing in major cities throughout the country, and the ugly side of crazy people came out. The riots were staged by those who don’t like freedom, don’t like the fact that they have lost their power, and don’t like growth in the economy. 

Republicans now hold power at every level of government. The legacy of Barak Obama and his many failed programs, policies and executive orders will be repealed. The log jam has been broken. Things are moving very quickly to undo the destructive concept of “the government will take care of everything” – and for those who only care about their own personal agendas, lining their own pockets, and controlling every aspect of our lives. The people of this nation have spoken that they wanted change. 

It is time to get back to peace with strength. Other nations of the world should fear the idea that if they want to threaten, challenge or even come up against the US, they need to know what will be in store for them. For the past 8 years, America has been seen as weak, and would not stand up to the terrorists that have taken over the middle east.

To me, the more important aspect of having a new outlook on the future is that as a small business owner, I have more hope that I can grow my business. I have hope that regulations which put a choke-hold on the neck of small business will be loosened. I have hope that our healthcare system will be brought back to an actual “affordable” healthcare plan where competition can be opened up, and more options made available – without having to take out a second mortgage to pay for rising premiums. I have hope that the people will feel like they have a champion who will put others in place to help boost the economy, create jobs, and help the 95 million Americans without work – to find work. I have hope that our great nation will be viewed once again as having strength, and the beacon of hope for the rest of the world to turn to. I have hope that something positive will be done to fix the Veterans Administration, and take better care of our heroes who have sacrificed so much so that we could enjoy the freedom of voting. And, I have hope that we can find a way to get our debt under control, and stop printing money and mortgaging everyone’s future.

As we celebrate Veterans Day, how fitting it is that our veterans took to the polls and voted for a mighty change. They, as well as millions of others know that we live in the greatest nation on the planet, and we had better start appreciating it, or it will be taken away. 

Thank you President-elect Trump for staying in the fight, for not giving up, and for showing the rest of the world that we have a new champion who respects and honors this great nation. And thank you for giving us hope for a better tomorrow, and a brighter future.

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