Grateful for Freedom

This past week has been a great reminder of the freedom’s we all enjoy, and a reminder of our brave soldiers who have fought and continue to fight freedom. I was fortunate enough to speak at the Tempe Rotary about our foundation assisting veterans. I asked all of the veterans in the room to stand so that we could recognize them for their service. A room full of people gave them a standing ovation, and a heart felt round of applause, and it was very moving.

As we come closer to honoring our Armed Forces past and present this Memorial Day, I hope you will take the time to think about the freedoms we all enjoy in this, the greatest country on earth. Take a few minutes and say a prayer for those who are still serving in the military that they will be protected and kept out of harms way. Pray for our nation’s leaders to have the courage to stand and show a little passion and pride to be an American. Pray for our leaders to make sound decisions to keep our nation strong and free from the oppressive ball and chain of tyranny. Pray for them to remember where our nation has been, and all those that have died protecting our Constitution and way of life. Pray for them to remember God in our lives and the blessings that He bestows upon us as we worship Him and His son.

Our soldiers deserve better than what they are getting after they come home. Our foundation, GO*VETS Foundation, was established to help our veterans in many ways, but the primary areas are to help them launch a business; operate a successful business; create jobs; and even find employment. Every time I speak to, or work with a veteran, I am honored to now be in their service.

Some of the statistics the national media doesn’t seem to want to share with us is that unemployment among veterans is a staggering 12.7% nationally; that 29.1% of newly returned home veterans are unemployed; that over 12 million of our veterans are vastly under-employed; and that 1.4 million veterans are unemployed. We should be doing everything in our power to make certain that they are taken care of! You and I can do something about that. Together we are strong…united we will succeed. As my father served in the Navy, he did so under the direction of the Navy motto… “Not for Self But for Country”.

I hope we all will remember, and remind our nation’s leaders that liberty and justice is for all…especially those who have fought to defend this great nation.

Thank you to all of our U.S. Armed Forces past and present!

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