We Are at War Here Folks – It’s Time To Heed The Battle Cry and Fight Back!

We Are at War Here Folks – It’s Time To Heed The Battle Cry and Fight Back! 

A Speech by Brian Hazelgren

How the Battle of Little Round Top Saved A Regiment, an Army, and A Nation and What We Need To Learn From It


We’re fighting against inflation, unemployment, a government bent on spending us into oblivion thinking we can just keep on spending…

We are fighting against a new medical care system that has not only put companies out of business, it has created more confusion than a cat among hungry wolves. It has everyone nervous…

We are fighting against keeping our children properly educated and allowing parents to still even have a say in what our children are being taught.

We are fighting against outrageous politicians who only care about being re-elected and do not care what the people who voted them into office want. They are drunken with power, and greed, and self interests, and wanting to be politically correct.

We are fighting against a national media who some day will wake up and say…”what have we done? We were supposed to report to the people of America what is going on and how they can protect themselves and their family…but we chose to read off the script that was handed to us by our government.”

We are fighting against ourselves. Sadly enough, there are far two many factions in this country who only care about themselves, or their often mis-guided and self-serving cause.

We have forgotten that we are Americans, protected by the most magnificent document on the planet…the Constitution. That we live in free nation…under God…indivisible…with liberty…and justice for all. Do we remember those words?

It’s time to heed the battle cry and wake up!! It’s time to stop being so complacent and act on things. If we don’t act, then we will be acted upon.

The Founding Fathers did not agree on everything but they did agree that there needed to be a document that would supersede any personal or special interests. They, and our veterans of various conflicts have fought for liberty, freedom, and justice for all.

Today there are some pretty staggering and overwhelming things on our minds…

Top Five Things Americans Are Worried About…

  1. Stock Market Bubble
  2. Economy Artificially Propped Up
  3. Health Care Costs
  4. $17 Trillion Deficit
  5. Protecting & Preserving What They Have

The Employee Benefit Research Institute has released some startling numbers about what is on the minds of people and retirement. 




You can view these and other charts and graphs by the Employee Benefit Research Institute by visiting: “Why Americans Are Worried About Retirement” 


The Unsettling Truth About Unemployment & Inflation, And a Strategy To Redefine How To Survive The Bursting of The Bubble…

Why does my gut tell me that we’re headed for the cliff – but all the financial numbers show that the economy is booming?

The president is bragging about super low unemployment rates that I know is not correct, because of millions of Americans are out of business or out of work. People are afraid to spend money. 

Inflation is still being reported to be very low, so low that other nations would be envious to have the inflationary rate we have – that our government is telling us.

It turns out that my research shows that the “real economy” has more to do with the old Soviet Russia, than anything remotely close to a prosperous society.

The unemployment rate is being shown a 6.7%, but if you look around and see your neighbors who are still struggling to find a job – you have to question that number.

So what’s happening here … the government has two options in reporting Unemployment: In order to tell the people how to keep this number so low-they either need to 1) create jobs…or 2) change the definition of what “unemployment” is. 

So what did our government decide to do…? Of course they did what anyone would do when they want to hide something…they put a big rug over a gaping hole, and they did it by changing the way the “unemployment rate” is calculated. 

Here is how they redefined the rate of unemployment: “The number of Americans receiving unemployment benefits.” It doesn’t matter that people have not worked in the last two or three years because in the government’s eyes – if you have not received unemployment benefits then you are NOT unemployed. 

But when you follow the method the government used to calculate unemployment before the 1990’s our unemployment rate would literally be 21%-or three and a half times greater than what is being reported today. That is what our nation was faced with during the Great Depression! 

Here’s the sad reality of some of these numbers… there are more than 95 million Americans… 95 million Americans…that are unemployed! That’s the entire population of California, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, and Texas. That means that 86 million Americans who are working are supporting a populace of 317 million… That kind of math simply does not work! So now the average American worker has to carry four people on his or her back.

If you think unemployment is scary, and it certainly is, now we have to consider what it’s evil cousin looks like… and that is inflation. If you feel like the propaganda that we’ve been receiving is false – like the inflationary rate only at 1.5% per year is wrong, then you are absolutely right. 

When you look at your bills coming in, and the money going out, you know that there’s no way inflation is that low. That would make us stable like Switzerland or Germany.  Medical costs would be steady, food prices wouldn’t keep rising, and gas prices wouldn’t go through the roof like they are. 

Something fishy is going on here and none of this adds up. Are we going to stand up and fight, or just let things keep getting worse?

Inflation is looked at by using the numbers from the Consumer Price Index or CPI. CPI is like a basket of all the goods and services that people buy. So here is what the economists and the government does – they manipulate – or change the goods and services that will go into this “basket” that is calculated. If you can change what goods and services you actually count as what people are buying – then you can manipulate the perceived inflation rate. 

So if the government decides to change the products and services that are used to calculate the CPI to something more like electronics or appliances, you might be able to save face and show a more rosy picture. They literally can do that at anytime. And since we love to buy computers, and smart phones, and video games, and electronics, and appliances as a nation – that inflation rate is going to look super low.

If we replace what’s in the basket with things like the cost of food, gasoline, utility prices, education, or medical costs, the inflationary rate becomes very unsettling. And by the way it’s not just the current administration that does this – this has been going on for a couple of decades now.

But just focus on the past five years for a moment. Let’s look at the price of gasoline five years ago – it was  $1.84 per gallon. I bought gas this past week and paid $3.49 per gallon.

In 2008 – right before the crash – a Big Mac at McDonald’s cost $3.20. But now six years later with the economy “supposedly doing better” the price of a Big Mac is $4.32.

Here’s the problem if we go back to before 1980 the way the government used to calculate inflation rate – today it would be over 11% and not the 1.5% rate that we are being told.

Here’s another example – when you look at the food we consume – especially the food that is packaged, you get a different view of true prices that you pay verses what you actually get. 

Next time you open up a candy bar, a bottle of water, a loaf of bread, an energy bar, a box of cereal…take a look at the size of the product inside the package. Is it smaller than what you remember it being? The simple answer is yes. The more complex question is “Why?” 

Food producing companies are forced to have smaller packaging, and smaller portions but still charge the same price or maybe just a little bit higher. The cost of manufacturing is driving this…fuel costs…shipping costs…healthcare costs are all driving this insanity!

Cereal boxes are a clear clue that something is different. When you look at the box straight on it looks the same as it did a few years ago. But, if you turn it to the side it’s actually slimmer today than before a few years ago, and it contains less cereal inside the box. 

Inflation is even creeping in the size of the rolls of toilet paper… the toilet paper rolls are not only getting shorter – they are also narrower.

Because of this hidden inflation the value of the Dollar is becoming erroded every day. Politicians are definitely aware of the fact that this hidden inflation is there – but they cannot let Americans know about this because they will have an absolute revolution on their hands. 

The scary thing about what is unfolding right now is exactly what happened in the 1980s in the Soviet Union. The government was hiding the numbers and manipulating the propaganda that was being told to the people. Production managers were falsifying reports and told if they did not falsify the reports dire things would happen to them and their families. Now, I’m not here to say that our government will cause dire things to happen to anyone and their family, but I am saying that we are not being told the full truth.

Inflation is way higher than being reported. Unemployment is at Great Depression numbers. So what are we to do?

What are you going to do with your financial future?

Take a real, hard look at your strategy…

The Wealth Protection Conference and the Dream Team of Financial, Legal, Tax, Business and Commodities Advisors is here to help all of us find our way through this crazy maze of confusing financial data. 

The Fed can’t stop quantitative easing, and it has vowed that the economy will never fail, even though Common Sense says to stop printing money…the Fed needs to keep printing more than $75 billion month. Everyone reports that the QE has been reduced to “only” $75 billion per month, but where does that money actually go?

Small business has now also become a problem to big business because they can make things with less cost going into the product or service. So then Big Biz goes to the lobbyists who then tell their senator that a fat contribution is waiting for them when they put things in place to hurt the small business, and benefit Big Biz. 

For years, we as Americans have had a huge advantage over the rest of the world.

We are the only country that can simply print more currency to cover our debts.

That’s because the dollar is the world’s “reserve currency” – the one currency used to settle all payments in international trade and finance.

But as you know, we’ve turned that advantage into a huge liability by printing ourselves into oblivion. The dollar is the laughing stock across the globe, and Americans’ savings are being rendered worthless at an astonishing pace. Unfortunately at this point none of us can stop this and the dollar will most likely be replaced as the world’s reserve currency.  

Knowing WHAT will replace it is absolutely critical to your financial future.

There is  overwhelming evidence that the next reserve currency will be decided this year, beginning with a shocking announcement. It’s a story that’s not in the headlines. The reason is simple, it would cause massive panic. 

Growing up, my Parents had the choice of two retirement plans: take it or leave it. Today we have more options available to us. The Dream Team of the Wealth Protection Conference is here to help steer each of us through these shark infested waters. These individuals are highly respected experts in their field, and the are going to share a treasure trove of information that will help you stand up and fight and succeed at building a solid financial future. 

Here’s a little parody about being too complacent about important things: Two golfers ready to tee off, a funeral procession goes by and one of the golfers stops, takes his hat off and waits in silence as the procession goes by. The other golfer notices and says, that is really nice Bob….Bob then says, “oh it’s the least I could do…that was my wife. Ready to tee off!” Fortunately this doesn’t happen, well at least not to most of the people we know…although I guess I do know of a few avid golfers who would never miss a tee-time for anything! The point is that we need to start paying attention to what really matters. 

Are you familiar with Joshua Chamberlain, an outstanding leader from the Civil War? In the Fall of 1862, Chamberlain’s regiment was part of the attack on Marye’s Heights during the Battle of Fredericksburg. Though the regiment suffered relatively light casualties, Chamberlain was forced to spend the night on the cold battlefield using corpses for protection against Confederate fire. Escaping, the reginment had a sever bought of smallpox outbreak which left them incapacitated for a while. 

Fast forward to 1863, and the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg.  Union forces were recovering from initial defeats and hastily regrouping into defensive positions on a line of hills south of the town. Sensing the momentary vulnerability of the Union forces, the Confederates began an attack against the Union left flank. Sent to defend the southern slope of Little Round Top, Chamberlain found himself and the 20th Maine at the far left end of the entire Union line. He quickly understood the strategic significance of the small hill, and the need for the 20th Maine to hold the Union left at all costs. The men from Maine waited until troops from the 15th Alabama Infantry regiment, charged up the hill, attempting to flank the Union position. 

Time and time again the Confederates struck, until the 20th Maine was almost doubled back upon itself. With many casualties and ammunition running low, Col. Chamberlain recognized the dire circumstances and ordered his left wing (which was now looking southeast, compared to the rest of the regiment, which was facing west) to initiate a bayonet charge. From his report of the day: “At that crisis, I ordered the bayonet. The word was enough.” 

The 20th Maine charged down the hill, with the left wing wheeling continually to make the charging line swing like a hinge, thus creating a simultaneous frontal assault and flanking maneuver, capturing 101 of the Confederate soldiers and successfully saving the flank. Chamberlain’s heroic defense of the hill earned him the Congressional Medal of Honor and the regiment everlasting fame.

My friends, we are being flanked by the enemy. And whether or not our nation, and our own personal wealth will stand, still remains in our hands. We are facing the enemy every day on both flanks, and it is very overwhelming, but take comfort in the fact that you still have a voice and a vote. Use your voice, tell the politicians that you have had enough. Stand up and fight! And while you are standing to fight, know this, there are experts who are also standing with you who are ready and willing to fight along your side. I speak of the leaders who have wisdom and expertise that we should seek out and listen to the information they have uncovered. 

It’s time to heed the battle cry and wake up!! It’s time to stop being so complacent and act on things. If we don’t act, then we will be acted upon.

Brian can be reached anytime at brian@brianhazelgren.com


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