A Valiant Daughter – A Poem to My Mother

Today my sweet Mother had to undergo heart surgery to repair three blocked arteries. It obviously has been a stressful time for the family, especially my Dad. But through it all we have come to rely more on God, and to rely on each other. I decided to write down a few words to honor my Mom, and although I like to keep things private, I felt these words may also help others to reflect on how precious life is…to remind you to tell your Mom and Dad how much you love them, and how much they mean to you. Mom is doing much better, and we are grateful to the medical professionals who have worked with her, and continue to provide the care she needs. Here is the brief poem…

A Valiant Daughter 

My Mother is special gift from God who came to this earth

With a primary purpose of fulfilling a great earthly mission:

To bring joy and happiness to her family and posterity.

My Mother is also a valiant daughter of Heavenly parents,

Entrusted to earthly parents who taught her how to

Love unconditionally and place others needs before her own,

As she taught these principles to her children, she has given us a glimpse of the simple things that matter most:

To Love God; to stand up for yourself and for others; to look for opportunities to serve and show compassion; to keep your name in good standing; to make life fun and enjoy the journey; and to always be available to help someone in their time of need.

If a measure of one’s life is to count the special moments and memories

Created through acts of kindness and service, then my Mother’s cup is full and overflowing,

Yes, we would need a cup the size of a stadium to hold those remarkable recollections of feeling unconditionally loved.

My Mother cares about her family more than mere words can express,

And as she wakes each day to face the dawn with its triumph’s, new challenges, opportunities to serve, and ways to bring joy to someone,

She anxiously engages her thoughts to how she can lighten the load,

Or bring joy to someone who may need a little lifting.

A simple card, a quick call, a kind word, or an excuse to hold a family gathering,

These are the things that occupy the mind of a wonderful woman ready to serve.

My Mother magnifies her calling of a loving companion, a caring mother, a trusted friend, a compassionate leader, and a valiant daughter.

A priceless gift far more precious than gold, silver or platinum,

The love and companionship of a loving Mother makes one stop to reflect

On the moments of time that this special woman gives of herself to make someone smile,

And to bring a little joy, and a glimpse of heaven into their life.

The blessings of life are made sweeter by the tender moments shared

With someone who loves you no matter what, and who looks to lift you up.

We see God’s hand in the beauty and majesty of the earth and heavens,

So see we the hand of a loving Mother by the fruits of her labors within her family,

Friends, and others whose lives have been made better by the tender association

Of a valiant daughter of God, and my Mother.

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