Cashing In On The Next Huge Trend

Cashing In On The Next Huge Trend

By Brian Hazelgren

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a crystal ball to peer into the future and see the next trend coming so you can position yourself to be at the front of the wave? There are plenty of opportunities out there to latch on to and enjoy the prosperity that comes from hard work, perseverance, and oh yes, being in the right position and the right time.

I’ve asked myself many times how I could know when the next big idea will take shape to build a new industry, or at least position me to take advantage of a good position and ride the wave. I mean how do you know? Is it gut instinct…is it following other trends…or could be as simple as someone introducing you to an opportunity that could be the right fit for you, at the right time?

Riding the next wave is exciting to think about, but the only problem with riding a wave is that it coms to an end. So maybe a longer approach is needed…something that could last a decade or two. Something that you can be a part of and not only have a lot of fun participating in, but also be in the position to cash in on all your hard work.

A megatrend is a large, social, economic, political, environmental or technological change that takes time to form. Once in place, megatrends influence a wide range of activities, processes and perceptions, in business, the buying patterns of people, and in even in government – in many cases for decades. They are the underlying forces that drive trends. (i.e. aging population)

A megatrend is an event or movement that attracts abnormal attention from the common people and remains a craze for a certain time period. These trends have the potential to alter the movement of any market, state or society. In other words, these trends give people an insight of what lies ahead in the future. For example, a decrease in youth population and an increase in the elderly people is a megatrend that the world would confront in the coming years, thanks to the advancement in medicine and the health industry.

A megatrend is longer in duration and lasts for seven to ten years approximately, it could even last decades. These megatrends can be political, economical, social and technological in nature. Megatrends when compared to a fad have a slower formation.

A “trend” is an emerging pattern of change likely to impact buying patterns or social interaction with a network of people and require a response. (i.e. sharing social media with friends, family, and colleagues).

• Does it impact the emotional buying patterns?

• Is it significant? Is it broad-based? Is it national or regional in scope?

• Is it short-term or long-term?

• Is it measurable/trackable/observable?

• Is it actionable? Is there an innovative response to address new circumstances?

An “issue” is a controversial, debatable or “hot” topic or an innovative state action. (i.e. changes in Medicare or General Healthcare)

Think about the social media craze that has taken shape during the past decade. Companies have seen their technology take hold over time and all of a sudden millions of people are using the new platform to interact with their social graph. Then the companies are acquired for hundreds of millions or billions of dollars, or they do an initial public offering and raise billions. All of this is accomplished because a trend turned into a megatrend.

So where is the next mega trend lurking? Is it in technology, real estate, media, or healthcare? Well, I’m going out on a limb here to say that the mega trend I have in mind has been forming quite literally for the past decade, and is about to take center stage with an explosion of information and new products.

The megatrend I’m referring to is in healthcare. We are a nation obsessed with better health and essential products that help us reach our quest of a more healthy body and mind. Nothing wrong with this, and I too subscribe to the notion of being more healthy. With the new healthcare program we so dearly refer to as Obamacare coming in 2014, we are going to need to be more healthy.

Let’s talk for a moment about the trends that have happened over the past 25 years that have spawned not only new companies, but have created new industries for growth and development. I’d like to focus on what has been a hot product for creating a buzz about how that particular product will change your health for the better. These same products also created wealth for the companies and the distributors who have marketed these products.

These five trends have each lasted for about 5-8 years, and we all bought into the notion that we had found the fountain of youth. Then when another product was introduced as a little different that the rest of the pack, we switched our focus and started buying in the new category, believing again that the new product would be our saving grace for finding better health.

  • First, herbs and vitamins
  • Second, pills and capsules
  • Third, essential oils
  • Fourth, the latest super fruit in a drink

Each of these trends not only were the catalyst of creating some pretty good products, they developed industries to attract more buyers, which in turn created a perpetual motion of a monthly buying cycle and we simply could not live without the product.

The fact is, these products have given us some essential ingredients to help us feel better, look better, perform better, and even think better. Not too many people would argue that there are good products out there that accomplish these things. We have all taken them with the hope that the products would live up to hype. In some cases they have lived up to the hype, but not in all cases.

I’d like to cut to the chase and ask where each of the above products categories receive their essential ingredients? Where do the herbs, vitamins, pills, oils, super fruits all come from? Are they manufactured to just be supplements, or are they truly essential to the health and well being of our bodies? What is the primary source of where these products can claim to have come from? For me the answer is simple…they all come from seeds.

The secret to the science behind the best products that give us the ultimate source of essential nutrients literally comes from the seed.

So where are the products that provide a wide range of essential and powerful antioxidants, minerals, and phytonutrients (the delicate plant compounds known to give plants their color and provide humans with powerful immune-boosting agents). Where is the exclusive formula of organic ingredients that contain the most natural, absorbable forms of many vital nutrients?

There are certain seeds and their essential oils that have been around for thousands of years, and are the basis of providing essential elements for optimal health. This report focuses on three:

  • Black Cumin
  • Black Raspberry
  • Chardonnay Grape Seed

Black cumin seed has been medicinally revered for over 3,000 years. Its wide range of healing properties has been recognized by a host of civilizations from the ancient Egyptians to the prophet Mohammed. These cultures praised the seed as a remedy for a host of ailments including:

  • asthma,
  • bronchitis,
  • rheumatism,
  • inflammatory diseases,
  • digestive disorders,
  • parasitic infections,
  • pathogenic infections,
  • eczema,
  • boils,
  • common cold and flu symptoms,
  • and some cancers.

It’s no wonder that the founder of Islam regarded this exceptional seed as the most powerful healing substance available, saying:… “Indeed it has a remedy for every disease except death.”

Black raspberry seeds contain natural plant chemicals that act as antioxidants to locate and destroy disease-causing free radicals. In fact, raspberries rank among the top 10 high-antioxidant fruits and vegetables. Among several potential benefits, the components in raspberry seeds may help prevent infections, heart disease and cancer.

Antioxidant Components

Raspberry seeds contain antioxidant-like phytonutrients including ellagitannins and anthocyanins that may help fight cancer, viruses, inflammation and a number of other conditions. Antioxidants scavenge and destroy cell-damaging substances, called free radicals, that can occur naturally in the body or from exposure to environmental toxins. Although ellagitannins exist in most berries, raspberries contain the highest levels, according to immunology specialist Dr. Susan Thorpe-Vargas. Anthocyanins, also found in many berries, help provide some of the color pigment in plants and fruits.

Antibacterial and Antiviral Benefits

High amounts of the ellagitannins in raspberry seeds may help fight bacteria and viruses. The coiled structure of DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, in bacteria must untwist itself to replicate and spread throughout the body. This process requires an enzyme called gyrase. Ellagitannins may inhibit this enzyme and halt bacterial spread to prevent illness. This antioxidant also may prohibit the action of another enzyme involved in the proliferation of viruses. Unlike bacteria, viruses cannot replicate and must “hijack” and insert their DNA into a host cell. Ellagitannins stop an enzyme, called integrase, from enabling this process, according to Thorpe-Vargas.

Heart Health

The antioxidants in raspberry seeds may lower levels of cholesterol to promote the health of blood vessels and reduce the risk of coronary artery disease. Medical doctor Ray Sahelian cites a study published in the July 2009 edition of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which observed the effects of anthocyanins on 120 subjects with high cholesterol. Participants, aged 40 to 65, received either 160 mg of anthocyanins or a placebo twice daily for a period of 12 weeks. Subjects receiving anthocyanins exhibited lower levels of dangerous low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, or LDL cholesterol, and improved overall cholesterol levels.

Grape seeds have an abundant source of flavonoids, a large class of compounds found naturally in many plants and foods. More specifically, grape seeds are brimming over with a class of flavonoids called proanthocyanidins.

  • Proanthocyanidins have special value for brain health for at least two reasons – their free radical-quenching antioxidant effects and their collagen-protecting effects.
  • In some test models, proanthocyanidins are 50 times more potent antioxidants than the two most famous antioxidants, vitamins C and E.
  • Proanthocyanidins have also been shown to markedly delay the onset of lipid peroxidation and to effectively chelate iron ions. Free iron ions are some of the most powerful promoters of lipid peroxide, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radical production. This is a major contributor to the pathogenesis of Parkinsons disease, one of the most common neurological diseases of the aged.
  • Proanthocyanidins are even able to cross the blood-brain barrier in order to protect delicate brain and nerve tissues.
  • Perhaps even more important than its sheer power as an antioxidant is how grape seed extract interacts with other components of the body’s antioxidant defenses. The proanthocyanidins found in grape seed extract help other antioxidants regenerate after neutralizing free radicals, allowing them to continue the antioxidative fight.

Grape seeds contain high levels of proanthocyanidins, which are powerful antioxidants that aid in reducing free radicals and regenerating depleted antioxidants. Proanthocyanidins have proven to have a special value for brain health and cognitive function due to their free radical quenching antioxidant effects and their collagen protecting effects. Proanthocyanidins have proven to be especially effective in neutralizing the hydroxyl radical, the most damaging of all free radicals, as well as lipid peroxides (rancid fats).


It’s a common fact that seeds are Nature’s Antioxidant.

Because through the process of natural selection, plant species have honed and perfected their various “fruits” as powerful defenses against the harsh oxidative conditions of the environment.

The seed ensures the survival of the species. In fact, the fruit of the plant is meant to feed the seed—to help it thrive despite being faced with harsh environmental circumstances. Without the protection of antioxidants in the fruit, the powerful radioactive light of the sun would destroy the vital seed DNA, the key to every species’ continued survival.

The simple deduction that we can cling to here is that health-related products should start with the foundation of life: the seeds. And, they should come from only the best quality seeds of organically-grown plants. Additionally, these seeds come with unequaled concentrations of phytonutrients, which should be carefully derived through a certified, cold-pressed process that preserves fragile plant enzymes. These enzymes are almost always destroyed through conventional food processing and cooking.

With the ideal source and the ideal process, the product should maintain the delicate organic compounds that are missing in the modern diet. It’s about balance. It’s about having the healthiest form of continuous energy. It’s about combining the most powerful, proven antioxidants into one place.

In my humble opinion, by combining all of this into one source, we as a human species would hit the holy grail of health care with a source of essential ingredients, and not just a supplement. This type of product would accomplish the following things for us:

– Dramatically Increase Energy

– Amplify Immunity and Endurance

– Drastically Improve Clarity and Focus

– Reduce Inflammation In Ways You Have Never Seen

The good news is that we have a product now that accomplishes these things for our bodies! The product is called Soul and is manufactured by Rain International. It has been tested and refined for maximum essential elements that the human body can greatly benefit from. So the first side of the equation is in place for the formation of the next mega trend: a powerful product that can be consumed for the maximum benefit to the human body.

But there are two sides to this equation that need to come together. The second is the financial aspect that accomplishes what I stated early in the discussion of a movement that attracts abnormal attention from the common people and remains a craze for an extended time period.

What if we had the potential to alter the movement of a market, or society that could create wealth for those that distribute the product that also creates significant health benefits?

The next trend that is turning into a mega trend is upon us. By taking the power of essential ingredients all packaged into one source, and by allowing others to profit from the distribution of the product, you can see how this trend will play a huge role in the formation of a mega trend in the market.

I have spent my life working with tens of thousands of business executives, from start up entrepreneur to the corporate c-level executive. My life’s work has been spent training and educating executives on achieving more efficient, effective execution. This program developed by Rain International is exactly that not only from the product standpoint, but also with the training and education provided to help distributors achieve their maximum potential earnings in a distribution business of their own.

For these reasons I say again that the next trend that is turning into a mega trend is upon us, and is fully ready to create higher levels of better health, and higher levels of wealth. The only question I have for you is: do you want to be a part of it, and if you do what are you doing about it?


Brian Hazelgren

Brian Hazelgren has authored 10 books, and developed over 80 workshops for small business owners and corporate managers to improve their business skills.  He has trained over 40,000 business executives over the past two and a half decades. You can reach Brian anytime via email at

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