Monthly Archives: November 2012

Never Forget Our Commitment to Freedom

I Will Never Forget My Commitment to Freedom As we recently reflected upon that tragic day on September 11, 2001 that woke us up as a nation, and let us all know how vulnerable we truly are, we must never forget that freedomĀ isn’tĀ free. As we celebrate the men and women of our armed forces and […]

Good Advice: Refuse to Worry

After the election has passed, I have noticed how many friends and family members are taking it pretty tough. The election depression set in yesterday for millions of people, and it may take a while for that to settle down a bit. Many people had invested so much emotion and time that they were all […]

Seek Prosperity and Expect to Win!

Everything we could possibly wish for has been placed within our reach. I believe that it was intended by our Creator, that everyone who wants to live an abundant life can do so if he or she chooses. I do not believe for a minute that our Creator expects us to be scrawny, uneducated, undernourished, […]