Training Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship Training needs to be founded on five core strengths.

First, students learn should from instructors who have experience and a little wisdom from the cuts and bruises they have received along the way. These can’t just be Instructors who are just teaching from a textbook. Oh no, that won’t do in today’s market. The instructors must be seasoned business people who have the battles in their background they can discuss and help entrepreneurs achieve success of their own. The instructors are actively engaged in the search for, and the teaching of new business knowledge that will solve real-world problems. This in turn will yield the next generation of teaching materials and methods.

Second, students directly apply their knowledge while still in school. Offer dozens of renowned experiential learning opportunities through some pretty cool programs – each designed to bring out the the very best in students, including competitions and initiatives that provide some kind of incentive to do better, even do their absolute best. And of course teach the students how to make a profit, control expenses, come up with innovative ideas, be efficient in their operations, and effectively implement their action plans.

Third, students should be immersed in a culture that seeks to bring out the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.  The School of Business should also offer students a formal opportunity to partner with civic-minded individuals in the start-up phase of a business. The broader school community shares this spirit of innovation, and the goal should be to have the training ranked in the top ten areas for creating new startup companies from faculty-research-based innovations.

Fourth, students should be able to benefit from a Business Career Services center and strong relationships with local and national firms in finance, marketing, capital, accounting, and information systems. Whatever the student’s interests, the program goal should be to provide a network to help the students find the right opportunities.

Fifth, students should have fun and a great time learning about charitable causes and how to they can be of service to others while still running a business. Working closely with charities and corporate sponsors, the students should receive an invaluable lesson on how a charitable cause can not only bless others, but also be a direct catalyst to help grow their business.

The Young Entrepreneurs Success (YES!) system that I have created comes with 3 Primary Tracts: Entrepreneurship & Marketing; Business Plan Development & Finance; and Business Growth. With the title of YES! we are passionate about delivering a successful program to young entrepreneurs and getting them started in the right direction.

We are launching the program in January, and will have some significant online and in person instruction…I can’t wait!


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