Developing Strong Business Leaders

I strongly believe that we need to develop economic leaders throughout the country, and strengthen the business community. When it comes to “advantages” in life we usually think of strength, knowledge, capital, tools, technology, people, and military prowess.

Although we can’t personally deliver an advantage of military prowess in our training and coaching systems for business owners, we do need to deliver on the other areas of having a vision of forward thinking in business.

We leave the military strength to be developed by our soldiers who fight for our liberties and freedom that we enjoy. Call them advantages or call them benefits, the vision we should expect from our business and political leaders can be summed up by the following areas:
Wisdom – The first thing we want to establish is working with a Trusted Mentor. When players work with a coach in sports, and that coach has a vested interest in their success, the player will eventually find that success if they follow their coaches’ counsel. Trust is then established. The same should apply to business executives and business coaches.

Experience – Management teams should develop business and leadership skills. This is a mentoring mentality that has driven many businesses to incredible heights of success. More importantly, leader show have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of business, should pass on their experience to steer their teams through the maze of business.

Clarity – Leaders must be more interested in helping those they lead to achieve positive results in business, rather than telling others what they want to hear. The job of a leader is to help others succeed…not to win a popularity contest.

Seeking Out Opportunities – Leaders should be constantly on the look for opportunities that will benefit those they lead. Leaders should teach their team about the power of looking for opportunities to do business with others, and provide proven ways to find incredible opportunities. Next they should show their team how to network with others to find those opportunities.

Strategic Alliances – Any company needs to have multiple alliances to help them succeed in business. We all need to take our network of companies and corporate contacts, and introduce our clients and strategic partners to others. Basically, we need to be all about networking and increasing our reach through strategic partnerships, and pass these relationships on to our network.

Solid Communication – If we can’t clearly communicate what our corporate vision is, then how can we expect others to know what we do; or to buy from you? Communication has to start with telling the truth, even when it’s painful. Communication is the foundation in which we build from. A lack of communication; dishonest or sugar-coated communication with details conveniently left out creates cracks in that foundation, and cracks create weakness. We must be strong and cannot afford any cracks in the foundation.

Integrity – If there is one key principle to remember in building a successful empire, it is in keeping agreements, which allows us to honor our commitments and maintain a high level of trust with our colleagues and associates.

Common Sense – All too often leaders take the path of least resistance, which in most cases leads to destruction. Common sense is hanging by a thread in so many companies today, and it usually comes down to self-interests promoted by individuals, instead of the good of the organization. We bring common sense back into the order of running a successful enterprise.

Each of these principles and many more are contained in my book Everlasting Wisdom. You can get a copy of Everlasting Wisdom at, or by visiting…

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