Entrepreneurship Training for Young Entrepreneurs

The journey of entrepreneurship is incredibly challenging, yet highly enjoyable and rewarding. It’s a journey that will open up an entirely new world for our youth. Since our young people are our future leaders, what better time is there than to expose them to the incredibly rewarding world of entrepreneurship. To keep the free enterprise system moving forward, and to teach young entrepreneurs the correct steps in launching and running a successful enterprise, we must have programs available to give our youth early exposure to owning and operating a successful enterprise.

Owning and operating a small business is obviously a big step, but if you carefully plan each step of the journey (as best you can) and then execute the plan, you will be very happy and satisfied with your business endeavors. It will open up a whole new world…that world is known to millions as the “road to success…the one less traveled.”

With over 80 different seminars and workshops, along with the coaching system that we have developed, any entrepreneur will find greater success in owning and operating a small business.  The training courses that I have developed, the curriculum, and the materials are designed to show the students:

  • What it means to own and operate a highly successful business
  • How to determine the right business for you, plus the pros and cons of buying a business
  • How to evaluate your chances for success
  • How to stay focused
  • What a well-crafted business plan can do for you
  • How to gather the information needed to formulate a successful business plan
  • How to write, organize and present your plan, as well as what documents to include and why
  • How to brainstorm and strengthen key strategic alliances
  • How to develop a powerful social media campaign to generate sales and awareness
  • How to hire employees and safely navigate the Human Resources issues of today’s business environment
  • Key traits of an entrepreneur and how to turn your passion into a thriving business
  • Key things you must do every day as a business owner in order to succeed
  • How to flush out winning ideas and products
  • Maximizing your Resources for full efficiency and effectiveness
  • Labor laws you need to know
  • Intellectual property and how to protect it
  • What type of business structure you should consider

All of the materials are designed to provide the young entrepreneur with some of the small things that will yield greatness for their business.

The lessons deal specifically with the unique set of challenges that entrepreneurs face, with an action plan to tackle even the most complex issues.

Each of the lessons center around innovation, and leading the team to a successful outcome. The use of a combination of presentations, models, direct stories that relate to the topics, how to research the market, how to hire the best people, how to implement strategy and tactical plans, and how to successfully launch and grow a small business are also included.

Our job then is to teach specific insights and skills to empower young entrepreneurs towards their own personal goals of becoming a successful business owner and leader. This type of coaching is not counseling, therapy, or consulting. These different skill sets and approaches to change should not only be refreshing, but exhilarating!

Each student will receive a solid educational experience taught by real world, seasoned executives and will receive training on business planning, marketing, social networks, digital marketing, income statements, bank accounts, gross profit, and return on investment, as well as professional manners and presentation skills.

All of this and more has now been created in our Young Entrepreneurs SuccessTM program. Stay tuned for further updates and excitement as we launch this new program!


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