Monthly Archives: October 2012

Training Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship Training needs to be founded on five core strengths. First, students learn should from instructors who have experience and a little wisdom from the cuts and bruises they have received along the way. These can’t just be Instructors who are just teaching from a textbook. Oh no, that won’t do in today’s market. The […]

Developing Strong Business Leaders

I strongly believe that we need to develop economic leaders throughout the country, and strengthen the business community. When it comes to “advantages” in life we usually think of strength, knowledge, capital, tools, technology, people, and military prowess. Although we can’t personally deliver an advantage of military prowess in our training and coaching systems for […]

Entrepreneurship Training for Young Entrepreneurs

The journey of entrepreneurship is incredibly challenging, yet highly enjoyable and rewarding. It’s a journey that will open up an entirely new world for our youth. Since our young people are our future leaders, what better time is there than to expose them to the incredibly rewarding world of entrepreneurship. To keep the free enterprise […]

Remember The Power of Positive Thinking

Keep thinking positive. Keep progressing. Keep moving forward. Good things will happen to those with a positive attitude. We’ve all heard these things before, but how much do we believe it? I believe that we can change the course of adversity, and make Murphy’s Law become non-effective. Over the years, the ebbs and flows of […]