The Blueprint For Achieving Your Goals

The Blueprint For Achieving Your Goals

The best Goal Setting Formula that you will ever come across can be explained in 9 easy steps.

Why are goals important? Without goals, you don’t go anywhere, and you don’t get to the end result as fast! Whenever you learn about anything worthwhile that is accomplished, it is because someone, or group of compatible people are behind it with a passion, a belief, and a goal.

Sometimes when we are trying to achieve certain goals in our life, we can be our own worst enemy. My Dad would tell me growing up: “Most of the time the barriers to your success are man-made…and you are the man who will put them there.” He nailed it right on the head, and his wisdom is spot on. But how do we not become our own worst enemy?

Every time I watch the Olympics I get passionate about setting and reaching goals. The magnitude of the entire two-week event is staggering. But each venue, every field, court, track, and stadium had to be planned out and executed to perfection. Every major piece and component of the Olympics all started with a goal. And, of course the athletes that compete in the Olympics have their own set of goals they are trying desperately to achieve.

When it comes to your personal life and your business, goal setting makes the difference between mediocrity and excellence and accomplishment. There has been a lot written and said about setting goals. But, the first question we should ask and answer is “just how do you set and accomplish goals?” Is there some formula or strategy that can be employed to increase your chances of success? Thankfully, YES there is!

In short, what follows is a blueprint for success in goal setting.

1. Have a strong DESIRE to achieve the goal. The desire must be real, and you must have a strong determination to follow through. But, how do you create a strong enough desire to want to achieve something worthwhile? You can start by sitting down and writing out all the benefits and advantages of achieving your goal. The key is to help you get in your mind that you will be unstoppable, and your determination will take you to a higher level.

2. WRITE your goal down. You have heard it before, but here goes again…a goal not written is only a wish. Once you commit your goal to writing it becomes meaningful and starts to take on real purpose. Your subconscious mind will pick up on the achievement you are seeking, and will help you to drive to a successful outcome. It’s kind of like having your own internal coach to help drive you and remind you of the goal you are trying to achieve.

3. Put a DEADLINE to your goal. Just like you would have a deadline to meet milestones in your life, have a deadline in mind of when you want to achieve your goal. In a Milestones Table you would have a Start Date and an End Date, otherwise there is no real incentive to work towards completion…or accomplishment. This will help you to analyze where you are, and then help you measure how long you will need to complete the goal.

4. IDENTIFY a) the obstacles you will need to overcome, b) the help you will need, (i.e. best practices, knowledge, people, attitude, tools or technology you may need). In each case write the potential obstacles out in a clear list and spend just a few minutes analyzing them.

5. Be DEDICATED to seeing your goal thru to final achievement. There may be some times when you will need to adjust your plans a bit, and see a better way of achieving your goal. But don’t get discouraged and give up. Be dedicated to a cause, like our Founding Fathers, to planning, preparation, implementation, and dedication.

6. Take all the details of steps 1 thru 5 and make a PLAN. List all the activities and prioritize them. Rewrite the list, optimize it, and perfect it. Then review your progress, and assess how well you are doing in achieving your goal. This review and assessment phase can be done in 10 minutes.

7. VISUALIZE the successful conclusion of the goal already accomplished. Make the mental image crystal clear, vivid in your mind. Play that picture over and over in your mind. When I ran track in high school and college, I would visualize myself crossing the finish line first. Then I would play in my mind standing on the podium after the race, accepting my 1st place medal. Seemed to work to pretty good…after 32 years two records still stand, and have not been broken!

8. ASK others to help you achieve your goal.  Sometimes I feel like the biggest mistakes I have made are the ones where I tried to go it alone. The really big mistakes in my life are the ones where I also did not ask God for help in opening doors, and for a little extra inspiration. It’s o.k. to ask others for their help…you may be surprised at how anxious they will be to help you.

9. Back your plan with PERSISTENCE and be tenacious in achieving the goal. Never give up even when you hit roadblocks and setbacks. Keep going…keep pushing thru the discouragement…and above all, stop worrying about failing. Think more about the success you are going to achieve, and the success you deserve for all of your hard work and dedication!

Follow these steps with persistence and tenacity, and you will be a high achiever. A WORD OF CAUTION – You can read these steps in the blueprint and think to yourself, “That sounds interesting. I must try that sometime”. Notice the title of this section – “The Blueprint for Achieving Your Goals”.

What is a blueprint? We know it as an architectural set of plans, maps or mechanical drawings. More importantly for this exercise, it means a detailed plan of action. This blueprint, when followed will help you become a high achiever, and will allow you to look back and see the path you follow, then be happy that you chose to set goals and follow a plan.

Take these 9 steps and rewrite them on a card or in a notebook for frequent reference. Keep them on your computer in a note on your desktop.

Use the 9 steps as a BLUEPRINT. Keep checking your goal against the 9 steps frequently to measure your progress and keep yourself on track. This is when these steps can make a difference to your personal and business life.

Now the question is, what goal are you going to set today? What goal can you set for your business that is going to lift it to new levels? What goal setting are you going to implement in your personal life that is going to have a positive effect on you and your loved ones? Take some time now and THINK about it! Then…JUST DO IT! 

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