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7 Things You Need to Do Everyday to Grow Your Business

7 Things You Need to Do Everyday to Grow Your Business by Brian Hazelgren As an entrepreneur, growing your business is something you should focus on everyday. Life gets busy and the pulls and tugs are constant. Since we are all human, priorities seem to slip, and one priority gets displaced by another all too […]

Puzzled Over Taxes – Funny But Sobering

I read a funny, but sobering comment this morning about being confused over listing the right number of dependents we need to claim on our taxes. Funny in the sense that someone challenged the IRS in a sarcastic way…sobering from the aspect of reality. The American people are over-burdened by the amount of taxes we […]

7 Smart Ways to Launch Or Expand Your Business With Little To No Capital

7 Ways to Launch a Business With Little To No Start Up Capital                                                                                                 by Brian Hazelgren 1. Find Strategic Partners You will want to spend a little time figuring out what your business’s niche or specialty is, and develop a strategic alliance with an already existing company that your business can complement. For […]