Solomon’s Wisdom…con’t.

Why is Solomon perceived to be so wise? What did he do that made him the topic of discussion in First Kings where he was touted by philosophers and prophets of his day as the wisest man in the region…in all the earth? For one thing, he found out who the true mother of a child was by offering to cut the child in two pieces and give both mothers half. The “counterfeit” mother out of jealously and selfishness said that would be fine, whereas the real mother pleaded with Solomon to spare the child’s life, and give it to the other woman.

It took a little wisdom to figure out who was telling the truth, and who only wanted a selfish gain for herself no matter who would be hurt in the process. Solomon called them out and made them face a difficult decision that would affect all three of them in a dramatic way.

Solomon built a vast empire. His rule and reign was so immense that it encompassed millions of acres of land; very powerful cities; trade routes that created wealth so vast that he was a billionaire by today’s standards in a time when no one came close to the enormous amount of wealth that he had attained.

Solomon’s empire included strategic alliances that kept his enemies at bay, and yet allowed him to freely trade with any country he wished. He controlled food sources and had enough allies in the surrounding countries, that if there were to be a famine, his people would not suffer.

This “empire” that Solomon built was the envy of all kings of the world in his day. And, this empire is the example that I wish to turn to in the study of how this king used wisdom to build his empire.

Solomon of course was human, and he had his faults and shortcomings. He was by no means a perfect little angel all of his life. No one is perfect and we all have faults. We can still learn from the imperfection of others, as well as in ourselves…I hope. But if we ever say we have learned it all, and there is nothing more to improve on, well then there is a problem, and maybe if we reach that point it’s time to go on vacation. If we can’t learn, and dream and hope and be curious then what is the point in going on…even living?

I am much wiser today after raising six children—all with different personalities, wants and desires. I learn each and every day that each child is different and wants to do or achieve different things in life. There are times when I wish I could just fit them into the perfect little life that my wife and I would like them to experience and achieve, but that defeats the purpose of learning and growing. We provide them with the necessities of life, a good example, and the “track to run on”. Some choose to run in the fast lane, while others may hold back and wish to see how the rest of us roll out life.

Let’s get back to the wisdom that we need today. Achieving business wisdom is also knowing that you have a short term tactical plan with immediate, measurable results that will roll up to a long term strategy.

The long term strategy must fit with the short term plan. The tactics plug into a cohesive, tight action plan that make up the successful overall plan. It’s like a mathematics equation…8 X 3 = 24; and 3 X 8 = 24; and 24 ÷ 8 = 3. They fit together so that the answer is the same no matter how you change it up. Tactics and strategies need to work in the same fashion.

To know instruction then is to listen to experts in their field and mold their tutoring in to your set of circumstances and solutions. We are constantly learning (at least I’m assuming you are still interested in the concept of learning) and applying the valuable tidbits of information into our own set of circumstances.

I am still learning from my children and many situations in business each day. I learn things from my wife each day that makes me a better person. I learn from business colleagues and situations in business that all serve to provide volumes of information and processes to follow. I learn from catching up on the news that people will do just about anything to move ahead as they exercise selfish dominion.

The 12 Principles of Building a Successful Empire included in my book Everlasting Wisdom are simple, yet powerful reminders of what will help us find success in business and in our personal lives.

Principle #1 – Seek Wisdom

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