Greatest Shortcut to Prosperity

A small investment in building character pays us back a millionfold. Every pound of energy we put into learning for the development of initiative, courage, and our own personality, we get back in many ways. For every determination that we put in to life comes back to us fantastically multiplied!

Nature is rich, and it was intended that everyone could take part in that abundance. The essence of having abundance in this life is what we must believe in. We must raise our sights for greater accomplishments and never let the thought of failure hinder our progress or hold us back, or limit our accomplishments. We must think success, and feel success and work for success, and its ok to work on increasing and expanding our boundaries.

Most of us tend to underestimate the real potential that we have within us. It was never intended that we should be poor, or worried , or unable to pay our bills, when we are surrounded with so much abundance.

When we think of fear, discouragement, and failure, that’s what we will get. We need to think of strength, and courage, and success. Our achievements and failures today are a sum total of our thoughts of yesterday. Whatever price we set upon ourselves, life will give back to us. If we visualize and emphasize our worries, our fears, and our negative attitudes, we live with and become saturated by them. We make them real by our practices.

When I was involved in sports at a younger age, I would put my mind to it, and my thoughts became my actions. There was no way someone else was going to beat me. In business today, as a parent, or in civic and ecclesiastical responsibilities, I believe in success.

Remember that thoughts are energy. Thoughts are magnets that attract to us to the various things that we think of. The greatest shortcut to prosperity is to think of it. Prosperity attracts more opportunities, and poverty repels it. Many of us have eyes but don’t see the great opportunities that are staring us right in the face. Before we can our true heart’s desire, we must get clearly fixed in our mind what we want and then concentrate all of our attention on that one thing. Most of us struggle on in a vague sort of way hoping that something will turn up, not knowing for certainty what to expect. We usually waste enough energy to get us to our destination. Most of us spend far more too much energy on the detours instead of concentrating on the main thing we started out to accomplish.

Remember that you can accomplish great things, and you can make a big difference in the lives of those you associate with…including your own. Our Creator intended for each of us to be successful, to experience abundance in this life, and good measure.

I don’t know who said this, but here is a good thing to remember  about abundance. “I bargained with life for a penny, only to find dismayed that anything I had asked of life, Life would have paid.”

One comment

  1. Brian, your words of wisdom and encouragement are amazing! I am sad you have left Salt Lake City and the Children’s Miracle Network, but I do understand your need to be near your wife’s parents. I am a friend of Rich Nord and I have met with you once for a business lunch. I plan to continue reading your blog and hope to stay in touch with you regarding the possibility of having you as a presenter at the BYU Grant Taggart Symposium in the future. This is the most incredible symposium in the Western US for Insurance and Financial Service Professionals — it would be an honor to have you as a motivational speaker!!
    Charlene Long, LUTCF, CLU, CASL


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