30 Traits of Leadership

30 Traits of Leadership


1. Leaders Lead by Example without “Managing” Others

2. Leaders Don’t Have to Tell their Followers to Follow Them

3. Leaders Hold Others Accountable, and Want to Be Held Accountable

4. Leaders are Capable of Providing Clarity So There is No Confusion

5. Leaders Have the Courage to Take The First Step, and…Lead

6. Leaders Delegate and Allow Others to Grow

7. Leaders Are Not Afraid of Making Decisions

8. Leaders Possess a Winning, Positive Attitude

9. Leaders Respect Others Culture, Religion, Race, and Ideals

10. Leaders Want to Swim Upstream and Seek Out Opportunities That Others View as Difficult

11. Leaders Know Their Followers and Enjoy Helping Them Grow

12. Leaders Earn the Respect of Their Peers

13. Leaders Have a Vision and Share it with Others

14. Leaders Deal in Honesty and Integrity

15. Leaders Empower Others to Find Success, and to Lead

16. Leaders Control Emotions, Especially Anger

17. Leaders Motivate and Inspire Others

18. Leaders Don’t Look for Excuses or Scapegoats When Things Go Wrong

19. Leaders are Able to Adapt when Faced with the Challenges of Change

20. Leaders are Never Happy With the Status Quo and Seek New Adventures

21. Leaders Are Confident in Their Ability to Lead (Or They Fake It Really Well)

22. Through Their Example, Leaders Earn the Right to Be Heard

23. Leaders Do Not Rationalize Their Weaknesses, They Seek to Turn Them into Strengths

24. Leaders Quickly Change Their Fears to Confidence

25. Leaders Learn To Trust Others

26. Leaders Confront Problems and Look for Fair Solutions

27. Leaders Allow for and Encourage Two-Way Communication

28. Leaders Learn the Art of Listening Before Engaging Their Mouths

29. Leaders Exude Professionalism and Confidence

30. Leaders Seek for Personal and Team Improvement


by Brian Hazelgren, and taken from the pages of Brian’s book  Tactical Entrepreneur



  1. Nice list – concise!


  2. Thanks for a Instructive item; I enjoyed it very much. Trish Yamane


  3. Very informative post, I just like the way you write out this post. Just bookmarked your blog and will visit at least once a week.

    Please do feel free to email me if you have some exclusive information on this topic.



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