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Leveraging Your Centers of Influence

What a Center of Influence Can Do For You Setting out to build an IT consulting enterprise, I realized fairly quickly that his target market, Information Technology (IT) Managers in major corporations, wanted to deal with name brand companies. They felt comfortable buying products and services from well-established, well-known companies for one primary reason: if they make a […]

Simple Steps to a Powerful Ad/PR Campaign

In order for your business to succeed, you generally need to promote your products or services to the same buyers that your competitors are targeting. Even if your business is one of a kind, you still need to tell target buyers that your business exists–with some kind of advertising or promotional communication. PR activities are […]

The Power of Positive Thinking

Keep thinking positive. Keep progressing. Keep moving forward. Good things will happen to those with a positive attitude. Do something nice for someone else today. The rewards are exhilarating and will help you forget about what’s holding you down. What if you are right there…right where you need to be, and the next positive action […]

Return on Resources…The e3 (e-cubed) Factor

There are 10 Reasons to Measure things and adopt performance measurements in your business. These reasons are fairly simple to understand, and more difficult to implement, but stay with me for a minute. Before we get to the 10 Reasons let’s cover a few important elements and answer a few questions. When was the last […]

Strategic Planning – Part 5

What do I Need to Know Before I Start the Planning Process?  The following addresses the concerns of the pre-planning stage. This stage is divided into four phases, each addressing different issues and questions. They are: To plan or not to plan Pre-requisites for planning Level of planning Involving an External Consultant Once the decision […]

Strategic Planning – Part 4

Key Definitions of Strategic Planning Strategic In the dictionary, the word strategy has to do with war and deception of an enemy. In management, strategy has to do with responding to a dynamic and sometimes hostile environment in pursuit of a service mission. Thinking strategically thus means being informed and consciously responsive to this dynamic […]

30 Traits of Leadership

30 Traits of Leadership   1. Leaders Lead by Example without “Managing” Others 2. Leaders Don’t Have to Tell their Followers to Follow Them 3. Leaders Hold Others Accountable, and Want to Be Held Accountable 4. Leaders are Capable of Providing Clarity So There is No Confusion 5. Leaders Have the Courage to Take The […]

Strategic Planning – Part 3

Sports and Business Have Many Similarities Coaches wouldn’t dream of starting a season without one. Athletes would be lost without one. Fans would not enjoy the season as much if their team doesn’t follow one.  The media would have a heyday with teams that would not discuss a form of one. Quarterbacks would look like […]

Strategic Planning – Part 2

Strategic Planning and Long-Range Planning Although many use these terms interchangeably, strategic planning and long-range planning differ in their emphasis on the “assumed” environment. Long-range planning is generally considered to mean the development of a plan for accomplishing a goal or set of goals over a period of several years, with the assumption that current […]

Strategic Planning – Part 1

“Strategic planning is a management tool, nothing more, nothing less. As with any management tool, it is used for one purpose: to help an organization do a better job – to focus its energy, to ensure that members of the organization are working toward the same goals, to assess and adjust the organization’s direction in […]