Making Choices

When I was growing up my Dad used to tell me to be wise in my choices of friends, choosing my career, and how I speak to others. He would remind me that there are people who would only look out for themselves and to always make sure that I could count on my friends to do the right thing. If my friends were unwise in their choices he expected me to exercise wisdom and make the right choice. I wish I could say that I carried out my father’s request to perfection.

If I had, I would not have made some of the stupid choices that I ended up making, and could have saved myself embarrassment, sleepless nights, and a little bit of sanity. Unfortunately even as an adult, I have sometimes relied on my perceived wisdom, and at times ignored the big picture.

I guess we all go through that at one point or another in our lives. You know it’s when we feel like we really want to do something, and then just “know” that we ought to do x_________. “I can make this work, because, well I’m me, and I can make anything work!” Yeah, that has been me in times past…the cavalier, the maverick, the eternal optimist.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with this confidence. I love to be around confident people, and consider myself to be one as well. I am still the optimist that believes we must follow some kind of executable plan. What I hope we can all start doing is exercising more wisdom in making decisions. My hope is that this book becomes the foundation for you to find wisdom. We can all learn from the pages penned by one of the most successful ruler’s in the world’s history.

My long time friend George once told me about the “five-finger friends” in life that we should all seek to find. You can usually count on one hand how many people you can count on in life, and that these were the five-finger friends that we should never have to worry about.

Life is based on a series of choices that we make and those choices form who we are, and who we can yet become. During the course of a normal day we end up making hundreds of choices that have an effect on that particular day. Those choices can also end up charting the course set for the rest of our lives. Take a deep breath, think about the potential consequences…and make the right decision.

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