Building Your Brand

I was reminded today about the importance of building a solid brand. Barbara, from Boston had called into a radio talk show interview that I was doing, and she wanted to let the host and me know how much she enjoyed answering the questions in my book The Complete Book of Business Plans.

She stated that her husband had left her to raise her three boys on her own, and she had no idea what to do at first. A friend had suggested my book to her and she purchased it with the hopes of writing a business plan, and getting a loan to launch her boutique business.

Barbara completed her plan, and went to the bank to get an SBA guaranteed loan of $10,000 to launch her first boutique. She was calling in to the show let us know that she was opening her third boutique since the first two were so successful; and to let the listeners know about the 130 questions in the book that she had taken the time to answer.

This is so exciting to for me to hear! To have Barbara share her story on answering a few questions…completing a business plan…raising capital for her small business…and the success she has found, is priceless. Way to go Barbara…and congratulations a hundred times over on your success!

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  1. Great post, I just like the way you write out this post. Just bookmarked your blog and will visit at least once a week.

    Please do feel free to email me if you have some exclusive information on this topic.



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