I Will Never Forget My Commitment to Freedom

As we just reflected upon that tragic day 10 years ago that woke us up as a nation, and let us all know how vulnerable we are, I am one that will never forget…

I will not forget where I was when I learned about what was going on the skies and on the ground.

I will not forget how angry I was that some outside evil force had attacked our citizens, and shook the very foundation of our freedom.

I will not forget how our men and women of the military proudly stepped up and declared that they were ready to fight and protect their families, their nation, and the freedoms that we all enjoy.

I will never forget what incredible freedoms we enjoy each and every day that we wake up, and know that we all have choices, and how we only give up our freedoms if we are not willing to make a stand.

I will never forget how the leaders of our nation stood up and looked evil squarely in the face, and declared that we will never back down, and that we as a nation will rise up and defeat this enemy to freedom.

I will never forget the prayers that I offered and asked God to help us, and to forgive us for forgetting the we need to worship Him, and that we serve Him and His children.

I will never forget the empty and helpless feeling of knowing there was nothing I could do for a time except to pray and ask for assistance to find the strength to get through this tragedy.

I will never forget the pain I felt for the families of the victims, especially those families who did not know where their loved were…if they had perished, or if they were safe.

I will never forget the images of despair and utter disbelief on the faces of those who were at ground zero.

I will never forget the images of the brave firefighters, police officers, medical personnel and paramedics giving no thought of themselves, but rushing to save lives.

I will never forget the anger I felt inside and how badly I wanted to face the cowards who had done this. And, how I wanted to personally usher them into hell for what they had taken away.

I will never forget how proud I was on the tragic day, and how much more proud I am today of the American people, and for the resiliency of a people who not not cower in the face of evil, but will stand up and fight for our freedom.

I will never forget how I had to explain to my children that there are mean people in the world who want to hurt us. And then quietly asking for guidance from God to help me find the words to explain to my kids that there are millions of people who are good and who want to do what is right.

I will never forget the images of 9/11/2011 and watching the American people roll out flags the size of football fields to show our appreciation and dedication to remain free.

No, I for one, will never forget how this great nation was founded on the principles of Freedom, and when its people band together and worship God and ask for His assistance, there is nothing that we cannot overcome, and nothing that will stand in our way to keep our freedom in tact.

I will never forget how much I love this country, and will fight to my last breath keeping our country free from tyranny and oppression.

I will never forget how much strength the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Pledge of Allegiance give to me personally, and to millions of Americans as we celebrate our patriotism, and our freedom.

I will never forget my commitment to Freedom.

Brian Hazelgren, September 12, 2011

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