Things About You

In one of my books, Tactical Entrepreneur, I introduced a self assessment called Things About Me. The primary purpose of this worksheet is to take a quick inventory of what makes you, you. How you think about certain things, and what your own personal strengths and weaknesses are.

When you take a few minutes to ask yourself a few questions about what your passionate about…or about things you can improve on…or even a reminder of what you are pretty good at, its crazy how you can come up with new ideas. I have been teaching this simple principle for 10 years, and have taken the assessment myself 10 times, and each time I come up with new ideas, new concepts, new possibilities.

Take a few minutes and reflect on what where your own personal strengths and weaknesses are…areas you can improve on…and strengths you can share with others. It’s a brief 30 minute journey that will open up new doors for you. Who knows maybe a hidden talent is lurking beneath the surface just waiting for you to unlock its potential. I believe in you, and so do many others. You have the gift of making a difference in the lives of others and in your own life. It’s time to find out just how special that gift is. Best of luck!

One comment

  1. Self-reflection is one of those things that every entrepreneur should do, but hardly finds the time to do! But time must be made, even if it’s just a few minutes, as you point out in your article.


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