Entrepreneurship is Empowering!

Each time I talk with an entrepreneur, I am reminded of three great principles that everyone needs to remember.

1) Empowerment to do things that can change the world-literally! Businesses are created to develop products and services the spawn new industries, and support the new industries created. This empowerment is so incredibly cool to witness as entrepreneurs empower themselves…their employees…their vendors…even their customers to do great things.

2) Options. Entrepreneurs have options to choose how they can make a difference. Of course there are rules and regulations to follow in business, but the options in front of you are like the buffet on a cruise. The options seem endless, and you can literally feast on whatever your stomach and taste buds desire. So it with business, even companies in the same industry, serving the same demographic have options to pick and choose how they market, sell to, and support their customers.

Freedom. The freedom to choose what you will offer…how you will offer it…how you will support and follow up…and even who you choose to do business with is something we take for granted. I hope you are one of the lucky ones who has the privilege of enjoying this type of freedom!

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