Entrepreneurs Needed

Owning a business, or “entrepreneurship”, is all about having the freedom of doing things your way, but that is only possible as you take calculated risks in working toward an obtainable goal. I want to teach you not only how to start a small business, but how to learn from others who have already made the mistakes for you—and how to take that knowledge and mold it into a success story of your own.

I am literally going to hand you an immensely expensive education in business. This education will not only save you thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars in lessons learned, the information I will share with you will also show you how to establish a business that will help you make a great deal of money over and above those savings. After all, the freedom to do what you want in growing your own business is one thing, but how much freedom do you actually have if you can’t pay the bills, and have a little left over for yourself? The principles taught in my books and at my workshops, if followed, will allow you to have a lot left over for you and your family, or for whatever you want to do with it.

If I sound a little over the top, I don’t mean to. The fact is, I have obtained an expensive education of what works and what doesn’t in the world of business. I have made a lot of money running businesses, and I have lost a lot of money based on foolish choices I have made. Although I do have a college degree, I also have earned a PhD several times over from UHK. As you may already know, UHK stands for the University of Hard Knocks. I have what you would refer to as “street smarts,” which I gained from more than two decades of going after my dreams and not sitting back waiting for things to come to me. I love to share what I have learned with others.

This is one area that always resonates to the top for me. That is why I teach Entrepreneurship. I have a passion for learning, teaching and succeeding. I am very good at what I do because I love to learn and I enjoy seeing others succeed! Here’s to your success!

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