Stay Focused #3

They may not all work for you, but I have found that when you follow these principles, you stay focused, and you are able to direct your positive energies to the task at hand.

1. Establish well-defined goals – your goals are the foundation
of your plan and your plan is the roadmap to lead you to your destiny. Setting goals in not a new concept, but it is a wise principle to use and a habit that you should establish. Remember a goal not written is only a wish.

2. Create and stick to a priority list – sometimes a simple list of priorities can keep you focused on what needs to be accomplished
– and when. I like to have a priority list to refer to when distractions enter the picture…it keeps me…focused.

3. Track and Report your progress – Remember this: what gets reported gets done. Whether you are reporting to your self or to the board, when you are able to track your progress and show how you reach certain milestones, you can keep on the straight path without deviations.

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