Everlasting Wisdom Principle #10: Exercise Integrity

This might seem irrelevant, as so many “leaders” today break their agreements almost as soon as they are made, but keeping agreements
is the #1 key to building goodwill.

The stock market holds companies accountable–for revenue and profitability forecasts. But, even profitable companies can have their stock damaged by simply missing their forecasts. This is because the company forecasts, prior to each earnings release, a report as to how much profit the company expects to make. If the CEO misses the forecast, just watch that stock get hammered on Wall Street. This is because Wall Street cares as much about the company’s ability to forecast as it does actual performance. The process is silly and confusing until it happens to your company or a stock in your portfolio, then reality sets in that the rules are set, and they will not be deterred from.

What about the leader who promises that the organization will not be going through any reorganization soon; that no offices would be shut down; no lines of business discontinued; and no employees will be let go for at least a period of two years. Four weeks later, you receive a call from a different manager telling you that you are being transferred to a different branch, in a different city because your branch is closing. You are given the option to transfer or seek employment elsewhere. Is that an integrity issue or just a change of circumstances? Since our experiences form our beliefs, which then form our actions, that then lead to results, the “experience” is negative and will in most cases form negative opinions about the leaders integrity.

How eager would you be to work for an organization, or a boss that promises one thing and then delivers something out of left field? You would feel betrayed by the company’s senior executives, and it would be next to impossible to ever regain that trust that was broken. Yet, this happens frequently in corporations every day, in every part of the world. If there is one key to building a successful empire, keeping
agreements allows us to honor our commitments, and maintain a high level of trust with our colleagues.

The key principle to remember here is that when we keep our agreements
we prosper. When we decide to break commitments and agreements, our prosperity is diminished.

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