Everlasting Wisdom Principle #8 Seek Prosperity and Expect to Win

Everything we could possibly wish for has been placed within our reach. I believe that it was intended by our Creator, that everyone who wants to live an abundant life can do so if he or she chooses. I do not believe for a minute that our Creator expects us to be scrawny, uneducated, undernourished, deprived and unhappy creatures, or that He intends for us to live in want, sickness, fear, ignorance and insecurity. I do believe that God expects us to use our talents, and stay busy working for a cause and exercise our minds and bodies to the fulfillment of our dreams. He knows that times will be difficult, but I believe He expects us to keep pushing and continue working to create something of value.

The essence of seeking prosperity lies in the notion that we must believe in having prosperity. We must think of prosperity and raise our sights for greater accomplishments and not allow ourselves to think of failing. We must think success, and live success, and work for success. There is no such thing as a lack of opportunity. It was never intended that some become beggars, or stand in the unemployment line, or go bankrupt. These things usually come about because of personal decisions that we make. If we work towards our goals with all our hearts, failure should never even be an afterthought. It was never intended that we should be poor, or afraid, or worried, or unable to pay our bills when we are surrounded by prosperity merely for the taking.

It’s when we think of fear and failure, well then, that is what we will get. We need to keep our thoughts on strength, good health, and riches. If our thoughts of yesterday will become the achievements of today and tomorrow, doesn’t it behoove us to think only the best thoughts of success?


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