Everlasting Wisdom Principle #6 Purge Conflicts and Train Your Leaders

I certainly don’t recommend executing insubordinate employees, but I do recommend good old-fashioned communication, and a chance to discuss the problem with them. If things don’t improve you can help them move on to the next level of their career, outside of your empire. I am also not advocating that you eliminate your biggest opponents, but that you take a careful watch to eliminate strife in your empire, and to take control of it early on.

If there are people in your “empire” grasping for your power, you have two choices:
1. Make them allies or
2. Send them away if you are to have absolute authority.

Good leaders create an aura of confidence that they will lead the people to victory. It is when the people feel confident of their leader’s ability to remove obstacles and develop an atmosphere of teamwork, that they make special things happen. If the team does not buy into the leader’s ability to lead them, morale suffers and victory it is only a distant whisper.

Developing leaders in your organization is a crucial step to becoming a truly great enterprise. The challenge is to choose leaders that check their ego’s at the door, and put the organization, or empire, at the forefront of their work. Leaders are those rare individuals that can clearly articulate the vision and direction of the organization, and have their constituents buy into that vision.

Training your leaders to respect your authority can be as simple as explaining the rules, holding them accountable, and exercising humility
in your approach. In many cases that also means that after you do all of these steps, then simply get out of their way and let them perform.

From Everlasting Wisdom, written by Brian Hazelgren


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