Everlasting Wisdom Principle #2 – Provide Clarity

Provide Clarity –

Leaders today want to be accurate in their assessments of critical situations, and then again accurate in the delivery of their answers. However, as leaders we must clarify our position and make it clear what we expect the outcome to be. If we don’t know the outcome, then tell your people with proper planning comes targeted execution. Efficiencies are adhered to and effective communication takes place to achieve the anticipated outcome. Many leaders today want to ensure that their decisions are correct before they act. This is virtually impossible to achieve in a world full of imperfect information and loads of uncertainty. Sometimes critical decisions are postponed and clear objectives become unrealized, instead of setting a clear course to follow. When this happens leaders provide vague and hesitant direction to their teams and simply hope their subordinates figure out the answers along the way.As leaders we must make clarity more important than being accurate.


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