Everlasting Wisdom Principle #1 – Seek Wisdom

The first key to building anything worthwhile is to connect with someone that can open doors for you. Typically we look to someone that we know of to help open doors and there is nothing wrong with this. I believe that people are placed in our path to help us out in times of our lives. These people may not even know that they quite possibly could have been sent by God to help us out.

When engaged in the process of connecting with others, we are also connecting to a higher source, and that higher source for me is God. This connection is the first step to take in building an empire. Whether we need someone to help us with connections to launch our business; a connection to funding; or a connection to a key supplier; or even a connection to a key partner to help launch a new venture, or product, the key is connecting.

One comment

  1. Where do I sign up? I need a few new doors opened!


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