Monthly Archives: February 2011

Everlasting Wisdom Principle #4 – Seeking Opportunities

Constantly seek out opportunities to advance your cause and bring in new business. The opportunities are out there, you just need to keep thinking about what you can do to improve upon what you have. Make certain that you train your executives, managers and employees to seek out new opportunities. An afternoon spent brainstorming with […]

Everlasting Wisdom Principle #3 – Form Stratetic Alliances

In order for you to succeed in business, you will need to form strategic alliances with other people, and other companies. Strategic alliances can also increase cooperation and eliminate competition. If an enterprise cannot trade products and services, they fail. Forming strategic alliances to move the cause of “good” forward is a lot more productive, […]

Everlasting Wisdom Principle #2 – Provide Clarity

Provide Clarity – Leaders today want to be accurate in their assessments of critical situations, and then again accurate in the delivery of their answers. However, as leaders we must clarify our position and make it clear what we expect the outcome to be. If we don’t know the outcome, then tell your people with […]

Everlasting Wisdom Principle #1 – Seek Wisdom

The first key to building anything worthwhile is to connect with someone that can open doors for you. Typically we look to someone that we know of to help open doors and there is nothing wrong with this. I believe that people are placed in our path to help us out in times of our […]